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Top US Lottery Jackpot Amounts

$319,000,0002011New YorkMega Millions
$315,000,0002005CaliforniaMega Millions
$314,900,0002002West VirginiaPowerball
$294,000,0002004MassachusettsMega Millions
$276,300,0002008West VirginiaPowerball
$275,000,0002008GeorgiaMega Millions

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Most Recent Powerball Draw Date:
Saturday, August 3rd!

Most Recent Mega Millions Draw Date:
Friday, August 2nd!

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Lottery Tips

Use Random Numbers. There is a good chance that if you pick lottery numbers like your birthday, chances are you will hit the same number as someone else. Try picking numbers that are completely random.

Lock That Ticket Up! Make absolutely sure that you keep track of exactly where your winning lottery ticket is. There would be nothing worse than picking the right lottery number only to not remember where you left the ticket!

Check the odds. Different lotteries have different numbers of tickets that could potentially be sold. Look for lotteries with the best ratio between number of tickets usually sold and potential odds of winning.

Find A Good Money Manager If you haven't managed large amounts of money before, it is a good idea to hire an experienced and trustworthy money manager. Interview them and find out about their approach. Ask them about how they have performed in the past with other accounts.

Always make sure you check the winning lottery numbers. If you buy a lottery ticket, note what day that particular drawing is being held.

Keep that "losing" ticket. Some lotteries have a second chance drawing that may allow a payout for a ticket that was purchased for a previous drawing.

If you have won, find an attorney. When the amount of money on the line is as high as it can be when it comes to lotteries, make sure you have strong legal representation when it comes to collecting your earnings.

Keep Quiet The urge to share the news with everyone if you win will be strong, but it is probably best to share that info with as few people as possible.